BELLA documentary for

I almost passed on this job due to my own preconceptions about who Bella Thorne is, preconceptions that have been created by institutions outside of her control and that many of us (wrongly) share. 

Upon meeting her, I was immediately struck by the compassion and intelligence of this 20 year old young woman and why I had allowed myself to believe what I had believed. That in itself was the story I wanted to tell: to challenge the audience's assumptions by laying bare the truth about a remarkable savvy young woman coming of age, building her own brand for the first time in her life while simultaneously engaging in a very controlled rebellion.

Bella was open, vulnerable and so much fun. After six weeks together, I left with a tear in my eye. Her charm and that of the people around her seduced me, and I hope this honest presentation of who she is (and who they are) does the same to the audience.